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Summer Sale is now live on GOG, with over 6000 titles up to 95% off and the official launch of Amazon Luna!

• Over 6000 deals up to -95% • What awaits during Summer Sale • Amazon Luna is launching on GOG and in new countries •
Celebrate indie gems with a dedicated sale and release of Manor Lords on GOG!

There’s a certain magic in indie titles. Whether it’s a story, beautiful art style, or unique gameplay – those games just touch our hearts and souls. And what better time to celebrate them than during the release of an indie phenomenon of 2024!
GOG yet again joins forces with SNK, to release over 20 classic titles!

Spring Sale on GOG brings in a giveaway fresh out of water!

GOG Spring Sale does not slow down – our lake of deals is filled to the brim with over 5500 discounts on titles of all kinds, waiting for you to catch them! And while it’s getting sunnier and sunnier outside, a special kind of flower bloomed…
Make Games Last Forever – one Alpha Protocol copy at a time!

March 25th, 2024 – In a triumph of game preservation, Alpha Protocol, the cherished Espionage RPG, has been resurrected from digital oblivion. Through the collaborative efforts of GOG, Obsidian Entertainment, and SEGA, this timeless gem has been lovingly restored and bro...
GOG climbs aboard the Loco Motive hype train in funding partnership with Robust Games and Chucklefish!

GOG teams up with indie powerhouses for Loco Motive’s summer debut
Spring Sale on GOG is blooming with the revival of Alpha Protocol!

March 20th, 2024 – The vibrant colors of spring burst forth, and so does the gaming excitement as we enter the season with the fresh breeze of Spring Sale on GOG! Prepare to jump into the pond full of one-of-a-kind offers and charming discounts – and as the world slowly ...
God of War is now available on GOG DRM-free!

March 12th, 2024 – It is grand news that we've all been waiting for; as GOG and PlayStation's relationship continue to grow, yet another well-known console gem joins the DRM-free catalog. 
Secretlab, GOG & CD PROJEKT RED join forces!

February 15th, 2024 – While Love At First Pixel Sale is at its fullest, we’re not slowing down – GOG, alongside CD PROJEKT RED, decided to team up with the one and only Secretlab, with a grand opportunity of winning a dream Cyberpunk-themed gaming set-up. 
Take a gentle stroll with Love At First Pixel Sale on GOG!

   • Giveaway | FlatOut • 4000+ deals up to -95% •


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